Photography Session Stories from

Nashville Based Photographer, Tony Young



Bethany Ball's Fashion Photo Shoot

Bethany decided to have a fashion photo shoot to celebrate her 25th birthday and the beginning of her senior year of college. This young lady is as sweet as she is pretty and will soon receive her nursing degree and be off to a bright future. Needless to say she does not take a bad photo. I typically only show a select few from the shoot but it was so hard to narrow them down on this one. So here is to the full set of selects...


Jacob and Gillian Couples Photography Shoot

 I had a great time photographing Jacob and Gillian out at Amulet Farm. Perfect weather for a couples shoot. I'll take a day like that anytime! I told them as I do on many photo sessions.... You'll have to tell me when to quit because I can do this all day.


Nashville Entertainer Bus Photographer Shoots Willie Nelson's First Bus

I've had the opportunity to photography dozens of custom entertainer buses around Nashville, but I was blown away when I got a call from a guy who had bought Willie Nelson's first bus. He had spent a year having the murals and paint restored along with a lot of mechanical work and wanted to photograph the bus in some familiar spots for entertainer buses around Nashville. The main problem was that those locations are always loaded with traffic. So rather than spend thousands on permits to shut down the streets, the simple solution was to composite the scene photos with the bus photos. We did the bus photography in a local park and then matched the time of day and weather conditions with a day to photograph some Nashville country music landmarks. 

My favorite part of the story is that when he bought the bus he did not know that it once belonged to Willie Nelson. He bought it just because he wanted an old bus to use for tailgating at the University of Tennessee football games. Once he found out the history of the bus, the restoration began.


Nashville Aviation Photographer on King Air 350

When it comes to aviation photography, I am more inclined to have my tripod on the ground. It was windy and cold the day we photographed this King Air 350 and Cirrus aircraft, but the scene from this airport made it all worth wild. I'm looking forward to going back when the hills are green and the sky is blue. (instead of the gray skies that had to replace in these photos.


Kortnee's Fall Senior Photography Session

Kortnee is one of the sweetest seniors that I've had the opportunity to photograph. And those eyes! One thing I am learning about photographing senior girls... They love their high heal shoes for about 20 minutes, then smiles become harder to give, then it's back to the boots! But she made the 2 hour shoot like a hero even though it felt more like August than the end of October.